Pinned New Universe 2017

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    • Hello

      Universe speed - 3x, like it was/is on Genesis, keep it.
      Merchnant can be standart.

      Like Goreu written before - try to do something with the fleet to make it more fun and rest of it more useble. I compleatlly agree with him.
      I would sugest to block on this uni Phoenix, and ad some base speed to Destroyers (from 4000 to 5400 for example).
      This will give a good choice then to build battleships or destroyers.

      No fog of war please, this is not fun.
      Standart Attack Zones - 17.

      Astros on uni - ulimited, but block building of galaxy scaner, so whe can have a lot of fun using Alliance Attack's, now its suiccide when you start it, a lot of time to be intercepted when everybody seas where your fleet will return before it reach it target.

      To make this uni atractive players need to see that this uni is not made like previus ones - i mean NO PAY FOR WIN.
      So International Transmiter need to be blocked for more than before it was or avaliable until you reach for example 60%-70% points of current uni lider. (Like in catch up system)
      I have nothing against people who will want to use to catch the top players, thats fine, but buying top place is not nice for most people.

      Perhaps it's not bad to give on this uni a choice for players when it will end. The choice that anybody who will fnish it can have a option to transfer his account to Retro for example instead of plazma on the end. As long we will not reach riduculus numbers on it.


      ps. Do something with old unis ... less and less players :( Not to much new ones :(
      We're part of a story, part of a tale
      Sometimes beautiful and sometimes ... insane
    • Or screw the universe like that. Where there are many aliens. But they may also normally attack players. To keep the spy attacks going like we do to ordinary players.


      But I'm still waiting for the best event of this game. Means internal recycling. :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      Recycling event
      Is the best

      :thumbsup: TOP 6 :thumbsup:

      :saint: Jestem,kim jestem :saint:
      :evil: SI2-Endless :evil:
      8) sojusz-alliance 8)
      :thumbsup: .Soldiers of Death. [.SOD.] :thumbsup:

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    • Dschibait

      no ones says something else; we didn't wrote anywhere that this would or could be allowed.

      I know that it hadn't been mentioned I was just wanting to ask if it was going to be the case. Or was being thought about by the SpaceInvasion Team.

      As I would find it a bit unfair to those who will be just starting up in the new server.
    • I wasn't trying in any way to derail your excellent work in producing a new server. The Space Invasion Team has done a great job in bringing us not only a new server but some new strategies to the the game. I am glad I came back after leaving the game for awhile. Plus to anyone who think's the assistants ain't worth the money are crazy. They really make your game play so much better in SI. To put it honestly they really don't cost that much to having them for 30 Day's. Well worth every dollar spent.

      Just a General Question about the up and down of Defence's : Just would like to know that if I down the defence's that I ain't putting down the Shield's as well. And that it only applies to the firing defense's ?

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