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    • New Universe 2017

      Hi Spacepilots,

      The end of Genesis is near and our planning states: there will be a new universe. Here you come into play! Since Ecowars does not have the same appeal as Genesis, we’d like to ask YOU what YOU want. You can post known parameters (number of planets, speed, galaxies, ...) in your own creation here. Even new features is nothing we are afraid of (as seen at the Fog of War or Economy in Ecowars).The best ideas, which we are able to implement and which make it into the new universe, are rewarded by start-up aid in the form of Uni-Urplasma in the new Universum.

      Defaults to which your creation must be adapted:
      • Duration: 2 years
      • Payment: Yes
      • Please tell us aswell wherther you like the flatrate trader (Genesis) or the “pay as you go” trader (Ecowars)

      Your Si-Team
    • Do not start the new uni until the uni genesis does not end. So that genesis players do not stress and want to start a new universe.
      - The Merchant has the 2 possibilities or buy it for 1 month or spend it for 1 single use.
      - 10 planets + 3 paid by uplasma
      - + 2 mobile planets that can not be mined, only used for teleportation and bases, example (30 fields)
      - speed x4
      - Make the attack more attractive by means of a SAC. And not see the SAC by an asteroid
      - Increase the debris of a battle, and leave 30% of debris that can only be visible and can only recycle the player he has colonized the planet where the attack occurred. If a player loses his fleet for an oversight I can recover a small part of his fleet.

      The closest thing to uni genesis. View all galaxies and systems.
      6 galaxies and normality in production


      The Fleet Assistant will improve and you will be able to set a time,
      sending all the fleets, of all the planets so that they return of once
      in the established time.

      E read to maintain the universe! It's better a new one, people get it with more desire at first.

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    • That can add or to which juice can be extracted ....

      One idea is that according to which weeks or days or weekends the speed and everything will become x20 or slowed .....

      What the resources, that some planets do not produce one and others if .. some are exhausted others are infinite ..

      example :

      A planet can produce infinite speed, of Krptonite 0 but of Pinter 100 million

      They are not ideas, they are brushstrokes to get ideas .....
      How to defend oneself from injustice
    • Hello, Nepster in the area.

      Remembering that values and punctuation are the developers who will be responsible, I am only exposing the best in the attributes of each universe, punctuating and giving ideas to the new universe. We need new things and of course also take advantage of the features that already exist in the game.

      - Shop just like Ecowars;
      - Fields of random planets;
      - Achievements - Awards in urplasm instead of ranking points;
      - Number of planets between 13 and 15, already adding with the "buyable" of the store;
      - Speed x4 - For the universe and flights;
      - Limited resources;
      - Spying galaxies / Discovering galaxies;
      - Guidance Program - Improve the guiding star gain, being 10 thousand, 100 thousand, 500 thousand and 1 million. Here, too, could be by some cumulative building-like upgrade;
      - Asteroids - Limit to 4 per account;
      - Teleportation of defenses, maybe create a new search. For as we know, they are obsolete after a certain point in the game. And of course adjusting so that they become weaker and would also spend double the power of teleportation;
      - Speed bonus, would be a daily compensation of resources, if the player reached a certain point value;
      - Number of galaxies, between 8 and 10 maximum;
      - Urplasm screening in reduced time or not increasing the value after each search;
      - Inactivity - 30 days without login or put in vacation mode. If the player was in vacation mode we would give another 7 days, which would be 37 days;
      - Review and some corrections in the translations in other languages;
      - Maintain the securities system, or even create new ones;
      - Keep the lottery events;
      - Keep the Interdimensional Transmitter;
      - Code bonus, through sharing in social networks even invitation to new players if they reach a certain amount of points.
      - Maintain 3 attacks per planet, and unlimited attacks in case of war between alliances;
      - Weekly or even monthly patches and improvements to keep players engaged in game changes. And always leave a patch log available for everyone to see, what has been adjusted, implemented or agreed upon.

      If there are new ideas or I will post them.

      Thanks and good game.
    • I wish i had played in the Genesis universe but i never found myself having enough time!!

      I do like the idea of a 'fog of war'. Not being able to see other players in a system until you have had a ship conduct a mission there. I think a new type of ship could be implemented, a science ship or sorts, which could scan galaxies to find potential habitable planets. Each planet could have different characteristics, such as large fields, % increase in pig, kryp or spice. Once the scan of the system has been completed, the player could then send a colony ship or fleet to that system. Maybe sending a fleet or ship into the fog without proper intel could result in a small % of the fleet being lost for a period of time, until it made it back to your planet, at a random time but depleted. This would encourage people to get proper intel first, because if they 'lost' their fleet in the fog, it could appear back at their own planet when they are not on and be attacked.

      What do you think? Would add a new aspect to the game. Players who just enjoy building could hide out in the far reaches of space. It could even take a length of time determined by research on how long it takes a science ship to scan a system. So players could hide in the blackness of space!
    • As for me i think u should try to make rebalance in battle system: increase battle characteristics/speed on some ships. Try to make all ships usefull and add some ships that was in old Beta uni like Zeus and bomber (with rebalance ofc). Because for now we have 2 strategies: full pheonixes and full battleships and no more (with a few exceptions).

      I`m really bored build same ships every time i start play in SI. For now, when uni just started player can expertiment and build other ships, but in a long game anyway we will return to "standart" strategy and start build just pheonixes/battleships

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    • io lo porterei nello stato, in cui iniziai a giocare, nel vecchio universo, cioè quando era solo italiano 12 galassie, è le zone d'attacco erano maledettamente da sudare, protezione principianti devono essere più tutelati, solo cosi si riesce a invogliare i giocatori,io sono cresciuto troppo in fretta!!!!
      oggi mi trovo perseguitato dai big!!
      io non sono un principiante, ho giocato per molti anni in quello italiano.

      Aumentate le galassie!

      i principianti devono competere tra di loro, le zone d'attacco devono essere messe in proporzioni ai punti del giocatore,
      per il resto a me va bene!!!
      vi auguro buon game a tutti
    • Предлагаю:
      При потере флота 70% флота остается обломками на планете, а 30% пропадают, предлагаю эти 30% обломков оставлять хозяину планеты в каком то скрытом складе ( чтоб его не могли забрать атакой) для возможности отстроить флот и не уходить из игры. Все прекращают игру при потере флота, а эта функция даст возможность частично отстроить флот и остаться играть. Еще в начале игры предлагаю установить лимит атак на игрока 1-2 атаки в день на планету до 1000-5000 пунктов, так как активные игроки не дают возможность развиваться тем кто медленнее их развивается. Скорость поставить х4.
      Сделайте оборону более значимой и сильной, и опустите потери обороны при атаке до 10%. Мало кто строит оборону - по тому что ее за 2-3 атаки полностью убирают. Появится и смысл в энергетических пушках.

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    • Or add new ships ....

      To buy for urplasma ...

      It would also be an interesting solution

      Or something similar

      event. Recycling would be welcome :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

      that's my opinion ....
      And everyone sees ....
      How the universe is falling ....
      Players go away ....
      Because it is boring and there is nothing to do ....
      What is the best way to improve the game for those who are already in their universes and not new you want to give again and only for 2 years ....

      sylwek :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

      Let the rest of you talk about it

      :thumbsup: TOP 6 :thumbsup:

      :saint: Jestem,kim jestem :saint:
      :evil: SI2-Endless :evil:
      8) sojusz-alliance 8)
      :thumbsup: .Soldiers of Death. [.SOD.] :thumbsup:

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    • I've not logged in for a few weeks. Just looking through Retro its obvious that more people are leaving the game than are joining.

      Should this not be looked at first before spreading an already thin play base accros yet another uni?

      Im sorry but I dont see how another uni can work when so few people seem to be playing.
    • Thanks for your ideas, keep them up. The more, the better!

      This thread is not meant to discuss about what we need to do with other universes or our Shop. This Thread is meant to discuss a new universe which will inevitable arrive when Genesis ends. The question is: which features will it have?