rules of the game

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    • rules of the game

      §1 Multi-accounts

      A maximum of two accounts may originate from any given Internet
      connection. The Internet connection must be entered in the Settings in
      both accounts.

      A list of penalties for violating our game rules can be found in our forum.

      Note: For violations of a more serious nature, the Support team can decide to apply a permanent ban at any time!

      Important: It is forbidden for one person to have two accounts.
      It is presumed however that two accounts originating from one IP address
      are being played by two different people. If necessary, the Support
      team reserves the right to request appropriate proof that the players
      are not the same person!

      §2 Account sitting/Substitute representative

      All users are entitled to name another user to represent him or her while on vacation.

      §3 Naming of characters

      Give yourself a name that fits to the world of Damoria. Real-life names
      are not well-suited for this. Furthermore, it should be noted that no
      racist, insulting or obscene names will be permitted. If the user
      violates this rule, it will lead to automatic deletion of the name. The
      same applies to your avatar (your coat of arms), etc.

      §4 Pushing


      §5 Cheating and exploitation of bugs

      Use of scripts

      (automation of the game, reading of data or manipulation through
      external programs) will lead to an immediate ban from the game. Accounts
      where scripting has been detected will be unblocked after a reset and
      the completion of a four-week ban. If a player is convicted of this
      violation, then his or her entire surrounding players will also be
      checked for scripting.

      Use of bugs

      This occurs when a minor bug is exploited to provide a player with a SP
      benefit, for example, but which does not damage other players. The
      exploitation of more serious bugs will lead to an immediate review of
      the account and, where appropriate, permanent ban.

      §6 Spam and advertising

      It should be self-evident that no spam or advertising is permitted, and
      especially not in the forum. Exception: Alliances may advertise for new
      members once per day in the appointed section of the forum.

      Spam and advertising naturally also include an excessive volume of
      messages to other players and constant invitations into an alliance.

      §7 Claims

      The player has no claim to the availability of this service or for the replacement of services.
      This includes services which could not be used due to an account suspension.

      §8 Violations against the rules

      Violations of the rules can lead to a ban from the game or another game
      at any time. The responsible Support team is authorized to apply an
      appropriate punishment at its discretion.
    • For game, forum, or other Damoria-related planning of updates, features or other changes, only statements in the “Announcements” area are taken into the game. Should a question from you result in a change or expansion of the official statement from the announcement area, insist that this should be changed in the official post.
      Articles from the FAQ area are not considered official posts.