Update 31st march

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    • Update 31st march

      Hello Spacepilot, Damorian
      and Mebula Master,

      We’ve released some updates for the BitMeUp portal with bug fixes and the new support center.

      These are the changes by the patch in detail:
      - On the homepage are now in the footer area links for imprint, privacy policy and company information.
      - The company link in the header area has been removed.
      - In the header area is now a new link "Support".
      - In the new support center (bitmeup.com/support) you can report problems. The report for SpaceInvasion Classic is similar to the "GO button”. So you will find your tickets in the game again. The same applies to SpaceInvasion 2. Damoria and Mebula users will receive a message to their e-mail address.
      - We’ve fixed a problem where the deletion of BitMeUp accounts did not release the stored e-mail address and it could not be used again.
      - We’ve fixed a problem where the recovery code for deleted accounts was not displayed correctly in the e-mail. If you would like to restore your BitMeUp account, please contact our support team.

      Since there have already been questions and problems, we would like to remind you that if you have linked your SpaceInvasion or other game account with the BitMeUp account but then delete the BitMeUp account, you do not have access to your game accounts anymore.

      You will be able to restore an accidentally deleted BitMeUp account for a period of 3 months through our support. After this, all data are irrevocably deleted.

      We wish you much fun in the BitMeUp network!

      Best regards
      Your BitMeUp team