Speed-Up-System FAQ

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  • Speed-Up-System FAQ

    The speed-up system is an feature planned by SpaceInvasion which shall make it possible for smaller players to get up faster.

    In conclusion it means that the player has to gather 1% of his points within 24 hours to trigger the speed bonus.
    That bonus will run for 24 hours. Within that 24 hours the player has the option to grind out the next speed bonus.
    The speed bonus will be active for research, buildings, defence and ship buildings as well as a multiple production.

    Q: How to calculate the "current factor"?
    A: The current factor will tell you in which range you are with your current points.
    Here you will find the speeds of the respective ranges which you can get:
    • Players which have less than 0.1% of the points compared to the first place: 5x speed
    • Players which have less than 0.5% of the points compared to the first place: 3x speed
    • Players which have less than 1% of the points compared to the first place: 2x speed

    Q: When can i start to gather the points?
    A: You can do at anytime. As soon the time for a collection interval ran
    up you can start immediately with the next. Please be aware that the
    next interval will be started once you are active. That means when you
    are offline you will get the chance later to collect the points!

    Q: There are not exactly 24 hours which i have as collection interval, why?
    A: The activation of the speed factor will be triggered by the points
    calculation to be sure that the condition is actually met. Therefore the
    time you have to collect will be round up to the next full hour. That
    means you will have at least 24 hours but 24 hours and 59 minutes at the

    Q: From when to when the speed bonus is active?
    A: The bonus will become active with the deadline of the points
    collection and the ending of the point calculation (assumed that you met
    the condition). Then the speed bonus is active for 24 hours. You won't
    need to be online on the activation or deactivation it happens
    automatically. Please be aware that all running items will not be speed
    up by that bonus, just following items will.

    Q: What is covered by that speed bonus?
    A: This bonus is similar to the bonus in a speed universe. Following items will take profit of it:
    • Resources production
    • Buildings
    • Ship buildings (fleet as well as defence)
    • Researches

    Please note that flights will be still with the single speed like any other player.

    Q: When i have a building running with the 5x speed but it will
    still take 2 hours and the time left for the bonus is 30 minutes will
    the bonus still count for the rest of the time?
    A: Yes, an active job with speed bonus will not be touched afterwards.
    If it started with 5x speed it will end with 5x speed. Queued production
    however will be calculated with the next speed on its beginning.

    Q: So i have an 5x resource production as well with that bonus
    but what happens once i win a multiple production through an event or
    inter-dimensional transmitter?
    A: That multiple production will be summed up. A short example:
    Base (1x) production: 1000 units
    Bonus (5x) production: 5000 units (4000 without base)
    Event (2x) production: 2000 units (1000 without base)

    So in fact you have a 6x production (5000-1000 + 2000-1000 + 1000 = 4000
    + 1000 +1000 = 6000 / within every bonus in the upper list you have the
    basic production as well).

    Q: Which players can no take part on that system?
    A: All players which are not actively playing, meaning inactives, players in vacation mode and banned ones.

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