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    • I take it you missed me then sitizen, that’s not very nice forgetting a old former alliance member, but then again to be a member you have to help others, like we do in Scar.

      As for frustration, dude don’t get upset because remember this is a game, like I said to your pen pal in uni chat yesterday.

      If you leave it sitting then you may as well be quitting.
    • You like to speak much and to have the attention. Why you think someone cares what you are doing ?

      A ninja for IU:

      Les flottes suivantes s'affronteront le 2018-03-15:

      Agresseur StirTh3Pot [SCAR]
      Transmetteur - 12
      Phénix - 11

      Défenseur Nicop [IU]
      Colonisateur - 1
      Croiseur de combat - 45

      La flotte défensive a remporté la victoire !
      La flotte offensive a perdu un total de 1.050.000 unité(s)
      Ls flotte défensive a perdu un total de 0 unité(s)

      Nous avons détecté 232.000 métal et 188.000 kryptonite.
      La probabilité qu'un astéroïde se forme s'élève à 2%
      International Union [IU]
    • I post tiny IU warhits here only bks SCAR are doing this. Every action or word of mine is just an answer and mirror of the SCAR hostility. They will continue to face selfdestructive results of their own actions until they get the needed wisdom.
      International Union [IU]

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    • SCAR declared a new war in Nexus, in this case:

      The war ended with the end of INT with:

      IU has done better

      SCAR insisted to count "warpoints":
      Damage done to the opponent in favor of IU:
      IU: 8,761,313,843
      SCAR: 1,312,053,200

      Fleet points growth in favor of IU:
      IU: + 102.281.763
      SCAR: +62.114.475

      International Union [IU]

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    • ok lets play

      The following fleets fought against each other on 2018-03-30:

      Attacker: aten
      Phoenix 69459

      Defender: PresidentBeeblebrox
      Small shield dome 1
      Large shield dome 1
      Transmitter 200
      Phoenix 400
      Colony ship 7
      Spy probe 36
      Recycler 2000
      Battleship 3600
      Imperial starbase 1


      Attacker: aten
      Phoenix 69459

      Defender: PresidentBeeblebrox

      The attacker won the battle!
      He won 2.902.969 pieces of pig iron, 1.804.675 pieces of metal, 2.141.087 kryptonite crystals, 6.913.985 units of spice
      The attacker lost a total of 0 units.
      The defender lost a total of 285.436.000 units.
      There was 66.457.600 metal and 46.086.200 kryptonite at these space coordinates
      The chance of an asteroid forming is 20%
      in den unis als


    • Look on your page - the begin of the war. Which date is written there ?
      I wrote post#388, and the results on the IU page, only bks you declared the new war - SCAR are on their way to make the same mistake again.
      International Union [IU]

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    • Hmmm
      it looks like you do not want to continue the war.
      Are you telling us that IU lost the war?

      and also:
      VIC had posted the first post in the forum.
      And VIC can only end the block, unless the IU recognizes the war as lost.
      So much for that

      And as it will look, you will lose the war anyway.
      Your time is up. You should have gotten up earlier.

      So and on it goes
      in den unis als