Pinned Howto: changes in account management

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    • Howto: changes in account management

      Hello Space Pilot,

      The change in account management has been technically successful, but some players seem to be confused when taking over their accounts. No panic! We would like to tell you again in detail how to transfer an account correctly.

      1. Create a BitMeUp account
      Probably the best would be to create a BitMeUp account before you log into your Bigpoint account. But it is not a problem if you log in to your Bigpoint account (via the link "former Bigpoint player?" on the start page).
      Once you have registered your BitMeUp account and confirmed the activation link in the e-mail, you can continue. :)

      2. Link the Bigpoint account
      Now you have a BitMeUp account and want to connect your Bigpoint account. Many players already log in with their BitMeUp account in SpaceInvasion. This will cause them to receive only a new SpaceInvasion account, but they will not take their old SpaceInvasion account.
      To transfer, you go back to the "former Bigpoint player?" link on the home page. If you have already logged in, do not panic! Just log off once.
      So when you log in to your Bigpoint account, you can now log in to your BitMeUp account you just created using the Bit#Tag connect button.
      And that was it! You have now successfully linked your Bigpoint account.

      If you have previously created a new SpaceInvasion account, you now have several accounts in the selection box in the Universe selection. Just select the newly created SpaceInvasion account and detach it from the Bit#Tag Account account to keep it out of the list.
      Please note, however, that you should not "detach" an account, which you want to continue to play, since you can not again connect it with a Bit#Tag account and it would be deleted (unless it is a former Bigpoint account which you can assign again to a BitMeUp account)!

      If you accidentally created a new account during the takeover process in another universe, do not panic either! Please write a short message to the GO-Team via GO-Button, so we’ll be informed.. :) You do not have to enter an IP match or similar!

      If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help you in this thread with advice.

      Your SpaceInvasion team
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