Update 15th march

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  • Update 15th march

    Hello Space Pilots, Damorians and Mebula Masters

    With the patch on 15th march for the BitMeUp portal there are the first extensions for the upcoming take-over of SpaceInvasion accounts by BitMeUp.
    We are pleased to present the following features:
    • The start page of the BitMeUp portal has been rebuilt.
    • The complete portal has been optimized and should now be more compatible with more browsers and systems.
    • It is now possible to link your existing BitMeUp account (or a new account) to a Facebook or Google+ account, and then log in quickly through these platforms.
    • It is now only possible to connect 5 game accounts of the same type to a BitMeUp account at the same time.
    • The Closed Beta of Mebula is over, thank you to all the helpers!
    • As of 15 March,
      • To log on to SpaceInvasion directly into other linked accounts.
      • New SpaceInvasion accounts directly on the BitMeUp portal.
      • If there is no SpaceInvasion account, it is also possible to create a new one for the currently logged in BitMeUp account directly on the SpaceInvasion page.
      • Once logged into your BitMeUp account means that you will get directly into linked accounts on the SpaceInvasion, Mebula portal or forum.
      • The forum login is directly linked to the game login. This means you can participate in the forum life without detours.

    As the BitMeUp network is growing, we have also decided to create a new forum category for topics and problems related to the BitMeUp portal. If you have any questions, problems or wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    We wish you lots of fun!

    The teams of Damoria, SpaceInvasion and Mebula