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  • New Universe Server

    Aurora13 - - Ideas and Suggestions


    I am worried about the new server’s research minimum of 30 days. If it applies to the first 10 levels of engine researches, we won’t be seeing any raiding or colonization for a year or more. Hopefully, Research that takes less than 30 days in Retro or Nexus is allowed to take the usual time.

  • Quote from Dschibait: “we didn't handle that urplasma research correct; its a special case, and i didn't think we got a error report for this yet. ” Thanks for cancelling the urplasma research!

  • Hi, I started a 41 hr Urplasma research at the end of Dark Gate so when I transferred my account over to Nexus, it multiplied my remaining time on Urplasma research as 18 days. Since Urplasma Research is supposed to take anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs in any universe, it seems unfair to multiply Urplasma Research time when converting from a speed universe to a regular universe. I would cancel the current Urplasma Reseach and start a new one but there doesn’t seem to be a cancellation option for Urpl…

  • 1. Eternal Speed 2. Tech War 3. Fortress

  • After further experimentation, I see it is only escape flights within the same solar system in which the 5 minute minimum has been eliminated. So the change or bug probably took place earlier in the day and not while I was making that series of escape flights at 4:35 am server time.

  • I was in the middle of doing a series of escape flights at around 4:35 am server time when the minimum flight time suddenly dropped from 5 min to 3 or 2 min. I situated some of my planets close together so that I could use the minimum time to get a consistent escape flight time across many planets. The escape flights all each contained transmitters, spy probes, and recyclers and no engine research completed at the time of the change. I also did a test with a recycle mission on the same planet an…

  • I tried purchasing 4 hr research reduction in Dark Gate, Genesis2 and Nexus today but keep getting the error message “An error occurred during purchase” I get the same error message when attempting to purchase 10 hr and 48 hr research reductions as well. In these universes, I am researching warp, weapons and energy tech not urplasma so my problem is different from bongo’s. I did not lose any Santa gifts in these attempts to purchase research reductions. I successfully purchased research reductio…

  • Quote from Dschibait: “@Aurora13 i think you miss something - there are no reductions anymore. And the changes for research and buildings are only done, if you have such a high level that you try to do the same as in RETRO/Nexus. A lower rank player get this until the max level - like also a higher players. There are only 2 levels done (from 2 different layers) which are higher than these max level. So a lower rank player has it easier, because he isn't reduced, anyway, until he got also the max…

  • Hi, I do not like the changes to research and build times in Genesis2 because it keeps lower ranked players from catching up with the top players who’ve raised their research and mines past the top Retro/Nexus levels prior to the changes. Rather than making these changes and reducing mine levels if the accounts are transferred to Nexus, how about creating a new endless universe that Dark Gate and Genesis2 players can use to move their accounts to.

  • Hi, I noticed all the assistants are active in every universe. Is there a new event in progress? How long will it last? I didn't see anything in the announcements. Thanks in advance for the gifts!

  • This bug is back. I logged in today and found an extra 1% on planets I had mined out and I don't have any assistants active.

  • recycling gone

    Aurora13 - - Bugs & Problems


    Maybe another player attacked the same planet after you but timed his recyclers to land just after his attack? Thus he had the right number of recyclers to scoop up the rubble. Alternatively, could your target have come online shortly after the attack and recycled the rubble himself? Perhaps an escape flight or recycle mission returned between your attack and recycle flights giving him the ships needed to scoop up the rubble in under a minute?

  • The skull background from Halloween appears instead of the cloudy blue sky. It makes it more difficult to see the reindeer. It’s kind of creepy too.

  • 2400 systems x 10 spy probes to analyze each system makes the game very expensive to complete in Ecowars. Not to mention the time waiting to analyze each system. Any chance of letting players shoot the skulls without analyzing a system? I can read the “ready?” beneath each sun to see if a system is haunted.

  • Genesis2 Flight Speed Bug?

    Aurora13 - - Bugs & Problems


    Hi, Please delete.

  • Thanks for the clarification!

  • I’m still not sure how to answer that question. If the majority vote no, does that mean there won’t be any more fusions in the future? or do you want feedback on how to improve the fusion process in the future. Because if it’s the latter, I don’t think a simple yes/no question captures the various reasons people might disagree with how it was handled.

  • Sorry, I don't understand what the poll question is asking. It says "Do you agree with the process of the fusion?" Are we being asked 1. if we are happy with the way Genesis was merged with Retro? 2. if we want other universes to merge with Retro? 3. if DE, Int, and Ru should merge? Help!

  • Discussion: GeNeSIS + Retro

    Aurora13 - - Discussions Game


    It says all fleet will be reduced by 30%. If I start building defenses on the 12 - 14 planets I plan to keep, will all my cannons be intact when my account is transferred from Genesis to Retro? or does the 30% reduction apply to defenses too?

  • Thanks for finally fixing this bug yesterday!